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Ultimate Super Turbo HD guide to the game development roles – GAME PRODUCER JOBS

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Unleash your game production powers with our guide to Game Producer Jobs. Level up your knowledge of responsibilities, skills, and career paths in the ever-evolving GameDev world. Whether you’re a pro or leveling up, this guide is your ticket to mastering game production. Get ready to embark on an epic journey into the world of game producer jobs! Level up, game on!

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Table of contents:

  1. Game Producer
  2. Executive Game Producer
  3. Senior Game Producer
  4. Associate Game Producer
  5. Assistant Producer
  6. Team-specific Producer
  7. Outsource Coordinator / Manager

Game Producer role in the video game industry

While it’s self-explanatory what a game programmer or a game artist does, it’s not that easy with game producers.

Simply put – these guys and gals make sure that stuff gets done to create a video game. Their role is to pinpoint whether the team has a hard time delivering a milestone and act accordingly to erase all difficulties to make the production team’s workflow as smooth as possible. In addition, they are taking care of the meetings and overall communication.

The game producer’s job is to manage daily tasks and operations. They tend to the schedule of work, assigning specific tasks to the team members.

Also, one golden rule for people outside specific teams. You’d better discuss that with a producer first if you want to ask someone for a favor outside of their regular routines.

Game Producers are often found in PC/ console game development.

Executive Game Producer role in the game development

These folks oversee high-level stuff. They usually are not involved with the management of the teams.

You might think of them as Overlord Producers 😉

They deal with heavy stuff as the Milestone reviews (checking if the overall production is going according to the plan) or budget approvals.

Senior Game Producer jobs in game dev

The senior Producer’s job is to take the lead on a large part of the project management. That includes guiding and mentoring other producers and associate producers.

As for the job, they usually take care of the usual producer stuff but are given much more freedom to make decisions.

Associate Game Producer role in the game industry

You might think of this role as a Junior Producer. Associate producers don’t have as much freedom as regular producers, but they don’t have as much responsibility either. They’re often assigned to specific teams to assist them in their daily work. If there’s no Assistance Producer in the group – they take care of the Assistance Producer’s responsibilities as well. And if you’re curious what are those – please, scroll a bit 😉

Assistant Producer Role in the game development

Assistant Producer does typical grunt work. Taking notes during the meetings, distributing the memos, format documents. Basically, everything that can take saves some time for the other members of the team. Also, they might be responsible for ordering some pizzas during crunch time or grabbing some coffee for the team.

Team-specific Producer Role in the game industry

Sometimes you might see the production role assigned to a specific discipline (e.g., Environment Producer, Marketing Producer, 3D Producer). These folks are taking care of the particular part of the production. They don’t produce the assets, but they need to understand how the area they oversee works and what needs to be done to actually get the job done.

They take care of the pipeline (a step-by-step process of making a game) and the production schedule, ensuring a proper level of communication within the team.

Outsource Coordinator / Manager in game dev

This position is more common in big game studios, where the project’s scope is so big that production needs to outsource parts of the production to other contractors. (e.g., it’s very common to outsource some art assets to the 3rd party companies. Cause it’s taking some of the tasks of the in-house art team.)

Outsource Coordinator’s job is to maintain a proper workflow and communication level. Outsource Coordinator’s job is to get necessary requirements for the assets, gather feedback, share it with the 3rd party contractor, ask for changes to the delivered assets.

We hope that this guide to game producer jobs really help you to understand why video game producer is a valuable member of the gamedev team.

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