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We connect the brightest game developers with the best studios. Afterall, gamedev is what we live for.

Our offer

This service is all about helping you build and grow a sustainable and cohesive gamedev team. You’ll be supported by 8Bit’s fully committed, trained and equipped (hardware & software) recruitment consultants. The closer and longer our cooperation, the better we can understand your needs and deliver results. It’s as simple as that.

What you get
  • 140h/month of work of our recruiter, embedded to your team
  • No success fee
  • Notice period respectively after 6, 3, or 1 months
  • Minimal Contract Duration 6 months (lock-in period)

With this option you’ll still have access to our skilled and experienced recruiters. We just won’t see each other as often. But we’re confident that the candidates we deliver will stay, that’s why we offer our one month 100% success fee money back guarantee.

What you get
  • Retainer Fee 1000 EUR per role. This is fully deductible from the final Success Fee for the respective role: paid upfront and non-refundable
  • Candidate Guarantee 1 month (100% of Success Fee back) or 2 months (50%- 50%)3 months (90%-60%-30% return respectively in consecutive months)
  • Success Fee Up to 22% of yearly gross salary
  • Notice Period 2 weeks

Together with you and your team, we set monthly KPIs based on your current needs and provide you with extensive support from our tech & non-tech recruitment teams as well as a dedicated account manager.

With this option, you secure yourself a constant influx of qualified candidates that you can trust.

What you get
  • 160h/month of work of our recruiter, embedded to your team
  • Minimal Contract Duration 6 months (lock-in period)
  • 1 Month Notice Period After 6 Months
  • Monthly Retainer Fee

We understand games and what it takes to make them successful.

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65 Happy clients
7+ Years on the market
11 Languages spoken fluently
39 Animal pictures shared daily

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