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With our specialized gamedev recruitment service, navigating the gaming industry’s talent pool has never been easier. We connect the brightest game developers with the best studios, catering to the unique needs of both AAA and dynamic indie creators. Scroll down to delve deeper into our offer.

Our offer

Subscription model is tailored for studios looking to handle multiple roles at the same time or in need of budgeting long-term hiring costs in advance. We assign a suitable number of expert recruiters to address your varied hiring needs, ensuring a continuous supply of qualified candidates.

This model operates on a fixed flat fee, ensuring that increasing the number of projects does not escalate the cost. This makes the Subscription model one of the most cost-effective options available in the market and not commonly found in agencies, one we at 8Bit are proud to provide.

What you get
  • 120h/month of work of our recruitment team
  • Fixed Flat Fee
  • Minimal Contract Duration 3 months (lock-in period)
  • Notice Period 1 month after 3 months

The Subscription Flex model is designed for studios seeking a shorter commitment period, building upon our standard Subscription service. Tailored for a 1-month duration with an intensive 160 working hours, it’s ideal for studios looking to make multiple hires in a short timeframe while benefiting from budget predictability, thanks to our fixed fee structure.

This model guarantees a steady flow of qualified candidates, tailored to your specific needs, without increasing costs regardless of the number of projects. Once the contract concludes, the candidates we’ve sourced remain in your pipeline, allowing your internal team to proceed with the recruitment process. It offers an efficient solution for studios in need of prompt, comprehensive recruitment support without long-term commitments.

What you get
  • 160h/month of work of our recruitment team
  • Fixed Flat Fee
  • 1 Month Contract Duration

Straightforward process involving a small retainer fee payable upon project engagement, with the remaining fee payable only upon successful completion of the project (retainer start fee is fully deducted from the final fee). This model is particularly suited for studios newly engaging with recruitment agencies or those anticipating only a single hire in the foreseeable future.

It remains a risk-free choice as we provide a one-month, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction with the recruitment outcome.

What you get
  • Retainer Fee 1000 EUR per role, fully deductible from the final Success Fee for the respective role (payable upon project engagement)
  • Success Fee Agreed upon project engagement, the payment is an equivalent to a percentage of the candidate’s yearly gross salary.
  • Notice Period 2 weeks
  • Candidate Guarantee 1 month (100% of Success Fee back) or 3 months (90%-60%-30% return respectively in consecutive months)

The Retained Search model is designed for studios of all sizes seeking a flexible and budget-friendly approach to recruitment. This model allows for a fixed success fee agreed upon project engagement, with a payment structure that divides this total cost into smaller, manageable installments as we hit different milestones of the hiring process. This means you won’t face a hefty one-time payment.

Ideal for studios anticipating a singular hire in the near future and particularly effective for filling high-profile, specialized, or executive roles. Compared to the traditional success fee, Retained Search is significantly more cost-effective, providing substantial savings.
What you get
  • Payment Scheme Installments designed for easy budgeting
  • Candidate Guarantee 4 months 100% of the fee back

We adopt a classic business process outsourcing approach, taking over designated recruitment tasks or the 360° hiring process. Our selected recruiter is embedded to your team, handling responsibilities like candidate sourcing, screening, and recruitment operations.

This approach is particularly well-suited for studios seeking comprehensive, strategic recruitment support. We assist in refining or establishing your long-term HR goals while managing ongoing recruitment needs.

Based on our experience, viewing RPO as a long-term collaboration is the most effective way for studios to fully benefit from our expertise and support.

What you get
  • 140h/month of work of our recruiter, embedded to your team
  • Fixed Flat Fee
  • Minimal Contract Duration 3 months (lock-in period)
  • Notice Period 1 month after 3 months

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