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Ultimate Super Turbo HD guide to the game development roles – Video Game Marketing JOBS

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Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of Video Game Marketing jobs? Look no further! In this article, brought to you by 8Bit GameDev Recruiters, we dive deep into the thrilling realm of game marketing careers. Explore the vast array of roles, from Community Managers and Influencer Marketing Managers to Chief Marketing Officers, and uncover the skills and qualifications that can open doors to success. Join us as we unravel the mysteries and uncover the endless possibilities of Video Game Marketing jobs.

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Table of contents:

  1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Marketing Director role
  2. Marketing Manager / Marketing Specialist role
  3. Content Marketing Manager
  4. Copywriter role
  5. PR Manager / Specialist
  6. Event Manager
  7. Influencer Marketing Manager
  8. Digital Marketing Manager
  9. Sales Manager
  10. Community Manager / Social Media Manager
  11. Customer Support Manager / Specialist
  12. User Acquisition Manager / Specialist
  13. Biznes Development Manager (BizDev) role

So let’s find out what kind of Video Game Marketing career you can pursue, shall we?

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Marketing Director role in the game industry

Video game marketing jobs meme: CMO - chief meme officer

Chief Marketing Manager is the head of all marketing operations.

Usually, CMO responds directly to the CEO of the company.

CMO decides upon all the most critical strategic decisions to drive revenue across all marketing activities.

Marketing Director is the position of the highest level of seniority.

Chief Marketing Officer.

Marketing Manager / Specialist role in the game development

The marketing manager’s job is to plan and execute marketing campaigns to promote the studio’s games.

That means defining the target market (which players might be potentially interested in playing the game). And then planning a strategy to reach them. Then, finally, decide what to tell them about the game to have them hooked on the concept.

Often in smaller studios, the Marketing Manager also takes over the responsibilities of the PR Manager and Community Manager.

Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing menager in game industry meme: post or don't post?

Content Marketing is a tactic used to sell games through exciting content like videos, blog posts, articles, or other media. These are different than regular ad banners that you might see from time to time (if you don’t use Adblock anyway) on the internet.

Content marketing is about showing the cool features of the game through the more interesting and engaging formats, like dev diaries.

You might encounter Content Marketers in bigger companies. However, if the company is small – A marketing Specialist can take care of the responsibilities of the Content Marketing Manager.

Copywriter role in the game industry

All games descriptions in the stores, on the boxes, emails, and blog posts need someone who knows which words to use to sell the idea behind the game that the game studio is developing.

Not every game studio has a dedicated Copywriter. If a copywriter is absent – it’s usually a PR Specialist, Marketing Specialist who writes all these pieces of content.

Copywriter needs to know how to write catchy and attention copy and understand communication principles.

PR Manager / Specialist role in game development

PR Manager’s job is to take care of the image of the brand or a company. They meticulously prepare all the company’s messages (press releases) to share with the players, press, or any interested party.

They’re the points of connection with the media (and if there’s no influencer marketing manager – also with the influencers).

Public Relations Manager need to have a high level of consciousness when it comes to communication since it’s crucial to send the right message that is going to be understood by the recipients.

Cause if a fuckup happens – they will be the first on the field to deal with the mess.

Event Manager role in the game industry

It’s a position seen in the bigger companies. This role’s job is to plan and organize all company events. That includes events for the game studio itself, but it also means that they need to take care of stuff when the company attends huge ass gaming expos like E3, or Gamescom.

That means to secure the venue, fill it with the needed equipment, make sure that every person required on-site – will be there.

Influencer Marketing Manager role in GameDev

Bigger companies who have huuuuge budgets for influencer relations need influencer marketing managers – people who have good relations with influencers (like YouTubers, twitch streamers, tik tokers).

Influencer marketing managers take care of all the promotional campaigns that involve influencers. First, they need to pick the proper influencer to promote the game. Then, manage the rest of the marketing team to get the most of the partnership with included influencers.

Digital Marketing Manager role in the game industry

This position is more of a generalist proficient in online-based marketing. They are usually jack of all trades who know marketing basics, but they’re also using a different mix of tactics to achieve their marketing goals.

They’re using SEO (search engine optimization), Paid campaigns (like SEM search engine paid marketing, or other types of PPC [pay per click]), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing…

Sales Manager role in the GameDev

The sales manager manages all the publishing-related deals. Both in digital distribution and retail (boxes).

When it comes to negotiating new sales & publishing deals, pushing the games into a new promising market, and planning all the needed discounts and promotions. The Sales Manager works closely with the core marketing team.

And again – if the structure of the company doesn’t have a sales manager in their ranks – it’s usually something that a marketing specialist would take over.

Community Manager / Social Media Manager in the game development

Social media maketer meme: you won't get a job wasting jour time on social media all day... or would you?


This role is often perceived as the go-to job if you want to climb the ladder in marketing.

As community managers are often the first point of contact with the players (or potential players), it’s crucial to know how to maintain this delicate relationship.

Community managers often create engaging content and activities. Their job is to reach and constantly engage with the players potentially interested in the studio’s game. Community managers might use social media to do their job, but they can go even further – they might plan and create and host in-game events.

The level of responsibility for nurturing the community is huge, and that’s why community managers deserve much more credit and appreciation for their work. 😉

Customer Support Manager / Specialist role in the gamedev

Customer Support or Customer Experience specialists take care of all potential inquiries players might have. For example, if a game crashes or certain bugs need to be fixed, the Customer Support Specialist gets those emails and forwards them to the development team (usually a QA team). After that, they need to talk the issue through the customer (player), propose a solution, or guide a player through the features and functionalities.

So as you can see, this role works two ways:

  • you gather the feedback and share with the dev team what can be improved
  • you’re taking care of the players’ overall experience – making it even better

People working in this role need an exceptional level of communication skills to sometimes resolve challenging issues and earn players’ trust.

User Acquisition Manager / Specialist role in the mobile game industry

mobile game ads vs actual game meme

This role is more often seen in the mobile gaming industry. Mainly because the success of most mobile games is related to the paid traffic the companies are buying.

So the User Acquisition Manager’s job is to make sure to bring these players to the game or the app.

UA Manager, besides being very proficient in running paid marketing campaigns, should also be very skilled in analytics to know how to analyze and optimize the results of the campaigns.

Biznes Development Manager (BizDev) role in the game industry

These folks usually speak with all kinds of possible partners like publishers and platform holders (like Sony, Microsoft, Steam, or Nintendo, Apple). To ensure that the business side of the whole operation grows.

They’re negotiating new publishing deals or partnerships with the brands.

100% attending every possible gaming event to meet with other biz dev representatives.

This role requires a person to be an excellent communicator and proficient in negotiations.

Ok, so that concludes our Video Game Marketing jobs list

If you think that we missed something – let us know!

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