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8 tips for nailing a job interview in GameDev indust

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At 8Bit, we aid you with your struggles and help you succeed during your job interview in GameDev. In this guide, we’ll share with you how to impress the hiring manager. Not only with your skills and qualifications but also with your confidence and personality.  

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Know where you are applying to!

I know that this seems to be the-most-obvious-thing-to-mention, but you have no idea how often candidates are unprepared and lose a few precious points while answering interview questions. At. the. very. beginning. Shame. We don’t want that to happen to you, so…

Do your research, my dude!

Dig what is currently happening in the company. Are they working on a new project or focusing on video games that are already out?

Why do you need that? Cause you will be able to ask accurate and relevant questions. This will show your genuine interest in the role and in the studio’s life. Besides – you’re about to tie your future with the place for some time – it’s really smart to know what’s happening there. 😉

Studios are more favorable to someone that can display good knowledge of their existing games and company history.

And while we’re here talking about reading and preparing – double-check the job description you’ve applied for. This will help you truly understand what the studio is looking for. If the description calls for proactiveness, you can tailor the discussion accordingly. Having this in mind, you can navigate the interview and discuss examples from previous jobs that will represent this trait.

And it’s not only about this single quality. Do this with all important characteristics or attributes in the job description that you identify with. This is one of the keys to ace that job interview.

Don’t overdress 

Now that you’ve done your research about the company, you got an idea about their internal culture. You’ve probably seen some photos of the team. So you can have a basic overview of what people are wearing. Also – we’re working in gamedev. Most game development studios don’t have a strict and formal dress code (if any), so keep it casual! And you’ll do just fine!

Remote job interview in GameDev? Make sure your tech setup works

Nowadays, most of the game development job interviews are carried online.

So you want to make sure that your tech setup for the interview is right in place. First, before the convo, check if you have a proper meeting app installed. Then, test your audio, voice, and video connection. Make sure you accepted the meeting invite.

If you notice your setup doesn’t work, let the interviewer know before the meeting and propose a time to reschedule. If something happened, it’s not the end of the world – recruiters are human beings, but at least give them a heads up.

Explain what you’re capable of by using examples from your work experience

Answer game developer interview questions with examples from your experience. Highlight skills that they’re looking for.

Don’t leave it up to the interviewer’s imagination to figure out how you’ve done a specific software development task. Instead, explain relevant details with examples to prove what you’re capable of. If you describe a team project, concentrate on your own contributions to that project and explain to the interviewer what your part was in that particular project.

Make eye contact

Eye contact is one of the strongest forms of nonverbal communication.

In addition, direct eye contact communicates two key qualities employers look for in candidates – confidence and high self-esteem.

It is vital to make eye contact when you greet your interviewer and shake his or her hand. Throughout the interview, make a point to have direct eye contact to create a connection and give off confidence. This tip alone will greatly help you ace your job interview.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your future game developer job 

The interviewing process goes both ways. The game studio is interviewing you. But at the same time, you are interviewing the company to understand if it is the place you’d like to work in.

Ask about any important aspects you’d like to know to decide if you’d like to work there. Think about why do you want to work for a gaming company and what your expectations are.

So, prepare a list of questions before the interview. 

Let’s summarize. Asking questions is great to achieve two things:

  • Learn if you really want to work there
  • Show your interest and motivation for the position

Be yourself

Don’t try to be what you “think” the job requires. Instead, let your true self shine through. If you try to act like someone you’re not, the interviewer will sense your lack of authenticity right away.

Yeah, we have that sixth sense. It’s our superpower ;).

Also, if you try too hard, you might end up with a job you might not actually like.

Follow-up after the talk

A simple thing that can help you earn some extra points, yet most candidates are forgetting about it. Send an email to the interviewer after the discussion. Thank them for their time, and remind them once again that you are motivated to take that job and start your game career.

Looking for a job is never easy, but we hope these job interview tips will help you secure that gamedev dream job.

If you have any questions about your job interview in GameDev, remember that we’re here to help you.

Drop us a note here in the comments or on our social media or simply email us at jobs@8bitplay.com!

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