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Games Industry Events 2024 (Worldwide)

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Check our guide to the top global games industry events 2024. Covering a wide range of gatherings, from major international festivals to specialized conferences, this list is essential for gamedev professionals, gaming enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of the games industry.

January 2024

Copenhagen Gaming Week

12-14 January, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Gaming Week in Denmark is a new, international festival dedicated to gaming and esports. It features four distinct themes: esports, superfans, the new generation, and urban & sport.

Digital Gaming India Expo

17-19 January, New Delhi, India

Digital Gaming India Expo aims to elevate the Indian gaming industry by bringing together local and international stakeholders. It focuses on collaboration among gaming companies and highlights institutions working on advanced technologies like AR/VR, Blockchain, NFT, Robotics, and Digital Gaming.

PG Connects London

22-23 January, London, United Kingdom

A premier international conference for the global games industry, focusing on networking across all key formats like mobile, PC, console, XR, AI, and blockchain technology.

Global Game Jam 2024

22-28 January, Online

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game creation event, ideal for those aspiring to enter the gaming industry. In 2023, it united 40,000 jammers globally. This 48-hour event, akin to a hackathon, is focused on game development around a secret theme, announced at the start. GGJ promotes innovation, collaboration, and experimentation in games. Not a competition, it welcomes anyone to host a jam site, requiring a dedicated organizer and internet access. A unique opportunity for creative gaming minds to converge and create.

February 2024

WN Conference Abu Dhabi

15-16 February, Abu Dhabi

The WN Conference in Abu Dhabi is a key business event for the gaming industry, offering opportunities for partnerships and investment connections. Supported by the UAE government and private sector, it’s becoming an important hub for business expansion and entry into the gaming industry.

devcom Leadership Summit

21-23 February, Lisbon, Portugal

A networking-focused summit offering market insights, keynotes, and roundtable discussions on pressing industry topics in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.

Devgamm Gdansk

28-29 February, Gdańsk, Poland

Originating in Ukraine, Devgamm is an international gaming conference, hosting over 40 shows in 7 countries. It’s a hub for showcasing games, networking (including B2B opportunities), and meeting industry leaders. The Gdańsk edition is particularly noteworthy for its enchanting city backdrop, enhancing the experience for participants.

March 2024

Tokyo Indie Games Summit

2-3 March, Tokyo, Japan

Initiated in 2023, this festival in Musashino City is a gathering point for indie game creators, offering a chance for creators to present their games and interact with users and peers.

Hamburg Games Conference

5-6 March, Hamburg, Germany

For over 14 years, this conference has been a staple in the gaming industry, focusing on high-level business and investment. It offers editorial talks, an expo, and networking opportunities.

SXSW Game Industry track

10-12 March, Austin, TX

An expansive conference providing a wide range of professional opportunities, including a dedicated track for game industry professionals. It’s an excellent venue for networking and career advancement.

Game Connection America

18-19 March, San Francisco, CA

This event brings together over 1500 senior decision-makers from the gaming industry, with a focus on the American market, offering unparalleled networking opportunities.

Game Developer Conference

18-22 March, San Francisco, CA

GDC is a significant event in the gamedev community, offering a variety of lectures, panels, and an expo showcasing the latest in game development technology.

PAX East

21-24 March, Boston, MA

Distinguished by its diverse gaming culture celebrations, PAX East offers panels, an expansive expo hall, new game demos, music, tournaments, and a welcoming atmosphere for all game genres and platforms.

April 2024

London Games Festival

9-25 April, London, United Kingdom

A city-wide celebration of the gaming industry, supported by key industry bodies in London. The festival showcases the city’s status as a major gaming hub.

May 2024

Digital Dragons

19-21 May, Cracow, Poland

A leading games industry conference in Central and Eastern Europe, aimed at digital entertainment professionals. Its main goal is to promote the games sector and establish a collaboration platform for Business to Business (B2B) interactions. It also showcases works from indie developers and Cracow’s university students.

Nordic Game

21-24 May, Malmö, Sweden

This event in Helsinki and Malmö features top industry speakers, networking events, and the Nordic Game Awards. It’s a hub for professionals to exchange ideas and celebrate achievements in the gaming industry.

June 2024

Central Asia Game Show

6-8 June, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

This conference is a growing event in Central and Eastern Europe’s gamedev sector, drawing game developers, publishers, and investors. It emphasizes international collaboration and highlights the evolving gaming trends within this emerging region.

gamescom LATAM

26-30 June, São Paulo, Brazil

Bringing the vibrancy of the gaming world to Brazil, featuring new releases, classics, tournaments, cosplay, meet & greets, indie games festival, and more.

Games industry events 2024. Gamescom is heading LATAM

July 2024


9-11 July, Brighton, United Kingdom

A vibrant meet-up for game development professionals, offering a mix of inspiration, networking, and relaxation by the sea. It’s a perfect setting for developers to exchange ideas and draw inspiration from each other’s successes.


19-21 July, Kyoto, Japan

Japan’s leading independent game development festival in Kyoto, showcasing Japanese indie games globally. Known for its international media coverage and panel discussions at major game events.

Chinajoy X Game Connection

26-28 July, Shanghai, China

This collaboration between Asia’s largest digital entertainment exhibition and Game Connection creates a unique stage for indie developers, blending an exhibition with award opportunities.

August 2024

devcom Developer Conference

18-20 August, Cologne, Germany

The official game developer event of Gamescom and Europe’s leading community-driven industry conference. It stands out for its year-round content, focusing on diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.


21-26 August, Cologne, Germany

The world’s largest gaming event, showcasing new software and hardware from global publishers and companies, with premieres, Esport tournaments, and special promotions.

Games industry events 2024. Gamescom is one of the largest gamedev community events in Europe.

PAX West

30 August – 2 September, Seattle, WA

An immersive celebration of gaming culture, featuring engaging panels, a large expo with top publishers and studios, game demos, musical acts, tournaments, and a unique community experience.

October 2024

Gamescom Asia

17-20 October, Singapore

Held in Singapore, this conference delves into the latest gaming trends and core principles of game design and business. It’s a unique platform for insights into Asia’s gaming markets, featuring over 80 speakers and 900+ delegates annually.

Game Arena

25-27 October, Poznań, Poland

With nearly two decades of history, the fair has engaged over 600,000 Polish and international gaming enthusiasts and is paired with the Game Industry Conference for game development professionals.

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Wrapping Up Top Games Industry Events 2024

That wraps up our journey through the top games industry events of 2024! Which of these exciting gatherings are you planning to attend? Don’t forget, for more insights on making the most of these events, check out our games industry events networking guide. Also, delve into our insightful interview on cosplayers’ savoir-vivre for an extra dose of inspiration. See you around!