If you don't believe me, just look at all the Unity game developer jobs we currently offer.

Is Unity worth learning?

Unity is one of the most popular game engines on the market. It's used to develop over 50% of mobile games

This tech is often used these days. Unity engine is a go-to tool to create mobile games, VR, AR, and even PC/console games. 

People played at least one game made with Unity on over 3 billion devices. 

So you get the idea. The demand for Unity games is high. 

(But so is the demand for Unity game developers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Is Unity easy to learn?

Unity is very friendly for beginners. 

Coding-wise is so much easier to work with. Unity uses C#, which is simpler and easier to learn than C++ (which is the language used to code in Unreal Engine).

There're tons of tutorials and courses on learning game development in Unity. All you've got to do is to download the engine and start tinkering with it. 

If you'll be stuck during your training - The unity dev community has your back. You can get support for your project easily. Just don't be a stranger and check out their forums. If there's no answer to your problem, others will definitely come to your aid. 

Consider starting a Unity Developer career 

Unity developer jobs meme: New version of Unity Engine - new problems for developers

If you haven't already, now's certainly the time to think about it!

The number of Unity Developer jobs is constantly growing worldwide, and it doesn't seem to change anytime soon.

Suppose you'd like to start your career as a Junior Programmer. In that case, there are lots of free Unity tutorials available on YouTube, medium, and other websites. 

Not everyone is a natural-born developer and learning software programming skills can be hard (even if incredibly rewarding and satisfying!) So catch this list of ideas to start with for the newbies:

Read up on more advice on How to get a job in the video game industry.

Especially if you're a junior, who wants to land smoothly in the game industry. 

Learn, practice, work and you'll advance from an entry-level Unity developer to senior Unity dev in no time.

Unity Developer jobs market

With Unity, you don't really have to worry about finding some work. This engine is wildly popular in the games industry, but it is also used in non-game dev companies hiring Unity Developers full-time all year round.

And if you're into remote work or freelance jobs - we have good info for you. 

Even though there are still places demanding on-site work, there are more and more places welcoming employees who want to work remotely. 

The remote job type is a growing trend nowadays. 

Interested in any particular market? Read more on what it looks like in Poland, the United Kingdom, or the Balkans.

How much does a unity developer make?

Unity developer meme: It ain't much, but it's honest work... ;)

(lol, jk)

So, you want to know the Unity developer salary, right?

The Unity Developer's salary varies depending on the market and level of experience ofc. 

Based on the information available online (like various Unity developer job descriptions), Unity Game Programmer salaries range from 30k-40k € (entry-level/junior) to 80k-90k+ € per year (senior/lead programmers).

Should I switch from Unity Engine to Unreal Engine? 

Unity developer jobs meme: Unreal Engine 4 < Unity Engine < Roblox Studio ;)

No, you don't have to switch from Unity Engine. 

The mobile game market is still blooming. Unity is also perfect for making smaller indie AA projects. 

If you want to stay in this particular role - that's fine. There's no need to switch. Most new mobile games and many premium indie games are still made with Unity. However, you might want to consider switching to Unreal if you would like to work on top AAA-quality games. 

So now you know - it's really great to hop into Unity Game Development. 

If you need any additional advice on how to steer your game industry career - don't be shy and poke our team via our socials. 

We're here for you :) 

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