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Popularity of Unity

Unity’s engine was launched fifteen years ago and over the years, the size of the global gaming market has exploded from $27 billion to $135 billion, driven by the rise of mobile gaming, which now comprises the majority of the market. Unity is one of the most popular technologies in gaming as it is used in over 50% of mobile games, PC games, and console games and runs on more than 1.5 billion devices.

Apart from games, Unity is increasingly used for 3D design and simulations across other industries like film, automotive, and architecture and is now used to create 60% of all augmented and virtual reality experiences. Various companies that at first glance you could have thought had nothing in common: BMW, Tencent, Pokémon Go creator Niantic, movie director Jon Favreau, and construction giant Skanska - are in factall using Unity to create their products. Even Zuckerberg saw Unity as the natural platform off which to build “key platform services” in the mixed reality ecosystem like an “avatar/content marketplace and app distribution store”, all that making the number of Unity Developer jobs higher and higher.

What makes Unity so special?

The technology of course! While there are a lot of C++ programmers out there, working with Unity required C# programming skills - C# is a higher-level programming language that makes it easier to learn and use. It’s a trade-off of having less ability to interact directly with memory, which is usually the reason why a lot of developers are working with C++. To resolve this discrepancy and achieve faster performance, Unity introduced the DOTS or “data-oriented technology stack” in order to recompile object-oriented code into “data-oriented” code, which is optimized for how computers work.

This level of efficiency should, on one hand, allow highly-complex games and simulations with cutting-edge graphics to run quickly on GPU-enabled devices, while, on the other hand, allowing simpler games to be so small in file size they can run within messenger apps on the lowest quality smartphones and even on the screens of smart fridges. Here’s a nice video of the graphics potential in Unity demonstrating ray tracing used to make a digital version of a BMW look nearly identical to a video of a real car.

Unity Developer jobs market

As a result of the increasing popularity of Unity, Unity Developers are very much in demand nowadays. What’s great about it is the wide variety of games and projects you can choose from and work on what really gets you going! Hearthstone, Diamond Dash, Angry Birds, virtual production of films, autonomous vehicle training simulations, car configurators on auto websites, or interactive renderings of buildings - all these being Unity Developer jobs. Just make your pick!In films and TV commercials, game engines are used for virtual production. The settings, whether animated or scanned from real-world environments, are set up as virtual environments (like those of a video game) where virtual characters interact and the camera view can be changed instantaneously. Unity is good for both cross-platform solutions and complex XR projects alike e.g. entire Audi logistics and car configurator training is created within Unity3D platform, another example could be Circuit Stream's VR Training Simulation Case Study of INVISTA.

It’s a common question for people entering the IT industry - which technology or programming language to pick? You wouldn’t want to find out after several years that your tech is no longer used or supported and that in fact, you have no other choice than to find another weapon of choice and start over. With Unity, you don’t really have to worry about that - not only is it wildly popular in the games industry but is also used in non-game dev companies that are hiring Unity Developers all year round.

The Unity Developer jobs available on the market are often remote which is a growing trend in IT in general, but a lot of companies are also looking to hire on-site. The Unity Developer salary varies depending on the market and level of experience, but based on the information available online Game Programmer salaries range from 30-40k EUR (entry-level/junior) to 80-90+k EUR per year (senior/lead programmers).

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Consider starting Unity Developer career

If you haven’t already, that’s certainly a good option to think about! The number of Unity Developer jobs is constantly growing all over the world and it doesn’t seem to change anytime soon.

If you’d like to start your career as a Junior Programmer, there are lots of free Unity tutorials available on YouTube, medium, and other websites. Not everyone is a natural-born developer and learning software programming can be hard (even if incredibly rewarding and satisfying!), so here’s a list of ideas to start with for the newbies:

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