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The Landscape of Unity Developers in Europe: Unlocking the Talent Chest

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Navigating the talent pool of the game development industry is akin to maneuvering through a well-crafted game level, filled with challenges, rewards, and surprises. In this article, we’ll focus on a particular group of developers that power much of the industry’s innovation – Unity Developers in Europe (with 4+ years of experience). These insights will prove valuable for both recruiters and hiring managers in the gaming industry, particularly those scouting for Unity talent. Data sources: LinkedIn Talent Insights and 8Bit’s Business Insights.

How large is the community of Unity Developers in Europe?

3,271: that’s the number of seasoned Unity Developers present in Europe (not including Belarus and Russia, these countries were excluded from the report). However, there’s an interesting aspect to this data – the male-female ratio is heavily skewed towards males, with them constituting 91% of the demographic, leaving 9% as females. These numbers shine a light on the significant work still to be done in achieving gender balance within the industry. This is where organizations like Women in Games, of which three of our team members are proud ambassadors, come into play, with a mission to advocate for inclusivity and diversity, fostering an industry that offers equal opportunities for everyone.

Are Unity Developers in Europe ready for new gigs?

Over the last year, a total of 753 developers from this group have made career transitions, indicating a relatively dynamic job market. Currently, 760 are open to new opportunities and 360 are considering contract roles. What’s more, 139 new Unity Developer roles emerged on LinkedIn over the past year, underlining a healthy demand for these specialists.

As for job tenures, the median stands at 1.4 years, providing hiring managers with a rough estimate of how often Unity Developers might be on the lookout for new challenges.

Location Insights: Where to Find the Unity Talent?

A closer look at the geographic spread reveals Ukraine as the hotbed for Unity Developers in Europe, with a count of 702. Following Ukraine are Poland (Warsaw, 140), the UK (London, 104), Frace (Paris, 92), and Serbia (85). This distributed talent pool offers diverse hiring opportunities for game studios across Europe – especially for those open to 100% remote work.

The studios that fully embrace remote work stand to win big by having access to a wide array of exceptional candidates. As staunch advocates for the remote work style, we at 8Bit see firsthand the benefits it brings to both employers and employees. In fact, our dedication to promoting this mode of work led us to be recognized in the Forbes Top 30 Companies for Remote Jobs 2023 list. We’re always keen to share our best practices to help others navigate the remote work landscape effectively – feel free to reach out. Remember, embracing remote work is not just about adapting to the current trend – it’s about harnessing a powerful tool that can redefine your recruitment process and widen your talent pool dramatically.

Power Players: Who’s Hiring this Talent?

Employers play a pivotal role in shaping and nurturing this talent. In the spotlight for hiring Unity Developers in Europe are companies such as Playtika, Plarium, Product Madness, Moon Active, and The Knights of Unity. Each of these organizations has demonstrated a significant appetite for Unity Developers.

How to Hire Unity Developers in Europe efficiently?

In a world as dynamic as game development, recruiting a Unity Developer in Europe is no easy feat. Especially when job postings often draw a flood of applications. Our Q2 2023 stats saw Senior Unity Developer positions twice in the top 10 jobs with the most candidates. But don’t let that daunt you. With our extensive experience and robust talent pool, we at 8Bit can help you navigate these crowded waters with ease. Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re all about making your hiring journey smoother, less fuss, more game.

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Source: LinkedIn Talent Insights and 8Bit’s Business Insights, 04.07.2023