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Handling RPOs like PROs – What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

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Table of contents:

  1. What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?
  2. What is the difference between RPO and traditional recruitment?
  3. What’s 8Bit’s approach to RPO?
  4. How long does RPO take?
  5. How soon can we start working with you?
  6. 8Bit’s Recruitment Process outsourcing FAQ

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Here you go! Already learning something new. Don’t get too excited, though! Even though the general definition is pretty straightforward, every recruitment company has its own approach.

In general, RPO is a workforce solution in which a company partially or fully transfers its talent acquisition endeavors to an external provider (to us for example)

An RPO provider (or an RPO partner) – manages the full cycle or parts of the recruitment process.

Depending on the size of Clients HR/Recruitment team, we are either:

  • working on sourcing and screening candidates for specific roles or focusing on recruitment operations
  • drafting recruiting strategies
  • working on candidate engagement
  • working on other recruitment-related tasks.

What is the difference between RPO and traditional recruitment?

Typical success fee-based or retained recruitment solutions focus solely on sourcing and screening qualified candidates.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a more complex and comprehensive solution.

RPO manages the entire recruiting function with a greater focus on people and their experience. Why? Because the focus is shifted to the bigger picture – the whole recruitment process – and goes way beyond placements.

That means:

  • writing job descriptions
  • sourcing and screening
  • improving internal stakeholders satisfaction
  • employee branding

Even though no two RPOs are the same, it is always a strategic investment into a partnership with ensured accountability for a consistent and quality talent pipeline.

What’s 8Bit’s approach to RPO?

First of all – it’s individual and unique! And here’s more to read on why our gamedev recruitment process is so damn good.

We take it case by case with every Client, but so far, we have distinguished two types of RPO – internal and external one.

  • What is an Internal RPO service offered by 8Bit?

An internal is when one of our Recruiters joins Clients forces directly working as an extension of their team performing tasks on their behalf.

  • What are External RPO services offered by 8Bit?

On the other hand, the external one involves our whole talent acquisition team’s effort.

How long does RPO take?

As long as you need! It can be both an ongoing cooperation as well as a project-based one. Usually, it’s no shorter than 3-6 months and up to a lifetime.

How soon can we start working with you?

As soon as you need!

It highly depends on our current workload but we’re usually ready to start right away with the external RPO and within 2-4 weeks with the internal one. The sooner we start talking, the better, so wait no more and get in touch with us!

8Bit’s Recruitment Process outsourcing FAQ:

How do you maintain the same level of flexibility for your recruiters working on an RPO assignment with your Clients as for your other recruiters?

🟢 First of all, we are very proud to work with great studios who share the same values, so we don’t worry about the teams or cultures which our recruiters are joining! Nevertheless, we keep track of everything, regularly evaluate and listen to feedback from both our clients and recruiters. We have a whole system set up to ensure that recruiters can freely go & enjoy their holidays without any loss for a Client. We have our recruiters’ backs always covered. RPO, either external or internal, is always a team effort. In fact, we’re currently looking for a Recruitment Coordinator that will help us streamline and run our outsourcing activities!

Is an RPO a good fit for me?

🟢 For most companies, either small or large, an RPO can be a real gamechanger. RPO solutions can save a great deal of time, money, and effort for anyone with an ongoing process of hiring full-time staff. Sounds relevant to you? Read on and find out…

What are the benefits of RPO? How outsourcing the recruitment process can be helpful?

🟢 The ultimate goal of an RPO is to ensure that all the recruitment and hiring needs are fulfilled within the projected time frame, especially in the markets that prove to be difficult.

You’re partnering up with PROs, right? With such a partnership, you receive all the benefits of having a Recruitment Specialist or the whole Recruitment Team without the fuss of finding and hiring the right people and onboarding them.

We’re supposed to do that for you, aren’t we? With an RPO provider, you’re saving up on all of your resources, and these are the ones you’re probably most worried about:


First of all, you don’t need to devote time to the recruitment process of your future recruiter! Moreover, from day one, you receive full-time professional support without the need to onboard them.

There’s also the whole team behind an individual recruiter to help them speed up the process with their knowledge, expertise and best practices. Talent attraction is becoming more and more competitive.

Our experience proves that a Recruiter working on behalf of the company is usually more efficient and successful as they are becoming real advocates for the company. In addition, their screening interview already covers the first call with the company – 1 recruitment step less!


Time is money, so some obvious financial benefits come from the previous paragraph, but there’s even more.

While on RPO with us you don’t need to worry about:

  • employee retention costs
  • Recruiter employment costs in general
  • software and hardware costs

It also lowers the costs of advertising your openings, and we know how costly it can be.

Not only does an RPO partner ensure that you hire and retain the best talent, but they do it worry-free. The more ownership over the recruitment process you give to your RPO provider, the better results they can bring – optimized time-to-hire, cost-of-hire, and quality of hire.


Behind every recruiter on an RPO assignment, there’s a whole team of experienced recruiters whose knowledge is used for the client’s benefit.

Recruitment is all about the hands-on experience that RPO providers cultivate every day. All that to provide the best possible results and experience.

Even if you decide to set up your recruitment team from scratch – it’ll take quite some time to train everyone on the team and get them up to speed. RPO provider gives you the benefit of the tribal knowledge that comes with it.

There’s also no one better to provide feedback and share insights from the market—both competition and candidate-wise. You’ll be able to make fully informed decisions regarding your process, salary levels, and recruitment process.

We work as RPO providers. Therefore, we know how RPO works and we know why it works so well. Recruitment in the games industry is not just our 9-to-5 job but also a real passion, which really makes the difference.

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