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Many reasons to quit your software engineering job and move to game development

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But let’s cut to the chase…

With the right skill set, a software developer can easily transition into becoming a game developer. There are many paths into the game development industry, and a software engineering background can be helpful in some ways and an obstacle in others. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of transitioning from software engineering to game development.

Pros of transitioning from software development to game development

You can thrive in this industry as someone with a software engineering background

A degree or background in software engineering can help you with a solid foundation in programming and computer science. Both of these abilities are required for game development. Furthermore, software engineers have outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities. These skills are also necessary for game developers, who must be able to debug games and solve complicated programming challenges and problems.

Furthermore, many game studios prefer to hire specialists with engineering or computer science backgrounds. The main reason is they frequently view people with tech industry backgrounds as more disciplined and capable of comprehending complicated systems. As a result, a software engineering degree might make you more appealing to future employers.

Secondly, many software engineers are already experienced with some of the tools and technologies utilized in game development. For example, many video game engines like Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5 employ C++, a programming language popular among software experts. As a result, the transfer from software engineering to gamedev may be pretty simple for certain people.

Simple: making games is fun. Period.

I’d take a wild guess that you grew up playing games of any sort, and the idea of actually creating something you enjoyed spending time with is familiar to you. It’s good for your mental health.

Developing video games or mobile games is in fact a fun thing to do, so if you would like to take a break from making web or mobile apps, which sometimes can be boring (and this is a quote), the game development world is waiting for you with arms wide open.

The game Industry is growing. Fast.

Each year gaming industry is growing. Gaming is booming, and frankly, we doubt anyone is gonna stop that growth. As a result, more and more games are developed each year on a variety of platforms.

“Why does it concern me?” you should ask, and your question will be answered. If this is a rapidly growing industry, there’s a job market with a high demand for specialists who know their stuff.

It’s a perfect time to make a switch, start building your career’s history, and gather this precious hard work experience everyone’s looking for.

New tech available (almost) instantly

And while we’re a growth – what is not without importance is that you’ll get access to the newest tech asap. In this game, there’s no way you can afford to use old tools. So new hardware or software hits the market? Who is hopping on board to late is gonna regret it. It’s in each Game Studios’ interest to be on top of any tech news.

In gamedev, it’s easier to feel that you belong as a part of a strong community

It’s easier to become a part of something you really believe in.

I’d risk a statement that software engineers often find it hard to fulfill their needs to be a part of something they truly care about and believe in. With game development, it’s a whole different story. You’re a part of a community that looks up to what you and your future team cooked up.

The feeling of seeing your game on a major event showcase, where millions of players are hyping for what is about to come isn’t something that you can describe with words.

Gamedev is an art.

Yeah, we really believe that making games requires a different artistic sensitivity. In the end, a game that is produced will impact the lives of millions of people, it will become something that will fill their life and is gonna be a topic of their conversations.

Game Development as an industry is a place filled with highly creative people. So if meeting that kind of folks is something you’re looking for – you’re in the perfect place.

Are there any cons of transitioning into gamedev?

Sure, we wouldn’t feel ok if we didn’t mention these. First of all – taking this first step can be stressful and one of the hardest career steps you would probably ever make.

But remember that along the way, there’re a lot of friendly faces who will support you along the way. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you’re gonna need to learn, remember that there are plenty of great gamedev courses and tutorials. Industry events are filled with useful conferences and people who will gladly help you out with your struggles.

You’ll need to gather your first experience to land the highest-paying positions. But if you feel stuck – you are always welcome to reach one of our recruiters, book a call and ask about potential growth paths for you. We always gladly share our know-how and expertise with game developers.

The choice is yours to make, but we think that the gaming industry is a place where someone like you, who might want to look for something different, feels a little burned out by a day-to-day software development job, can find a spot to find a second wind and thrive.

Your new gamedev job is waiting!