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“I sent my gamedev resume, so what’s next?” – 8Bit’s lecture at Digital Dragons Academy – Kraków 5 NOV 2022

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… and you hear only crickets! <cricket sound.mp3>

Nothing happens! Devastating, right?

Unfortunately, it’s one of the three possible scenarios that can happen after you apply for a gamedev job.

If you would like to hear about the other two and about solutions on how to minimize the risk of your application being ignored during the recruitment process, you def should listen to the lecture made by our finest Senior Tech Recruiter – Patryk Suchy

Title of the lecture:

“I sent my gamedev resume, so what’s next?”

Please note that the lecture will be available only in Polish.

What will you learn during Patryk’s lecture?

  • Which Resume / CV mistakes can cost you your dream gamedev job?
  • What can happen after application, and how to act in every possible situation/scenario?
  • Explain why it’s so hard for juniors to join gamedev.
  • How to prepare for the interview (online/offline)?
  • How to talk about salary? 💰
  • and much more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Who can benefit from listening in?

  • You, my friend. It doesn’t matter which level of seniority you’re currently on. We’re pretty sure that junior gamedevelopers, senior game devs, and even people who are thinking about starting in the gaming industry can learn valuable tips that may help them improve their job-hunting experience

Digital Dragons Academy – offline event

📆 5 November 2022 (Saturday)

🕑 12:00

📍 Krakowski Park Technologiczny

ul. Podole 60

Kraków, Poland

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Patryk Suchy is 8Bit’s Senior Tech Recruiter.

In recruitment since 2018. He worked in-house, in the agency, and for the 3rd party companies. He knows recruitment processes from all possible angles and perspectives.

Recruited hundreds of specialists and saw tons of Resumes in his career.

He started in the gaming industry in 2012 as a gaming journalist.

Huge gaming nerd who is always down to help you pick the best gamedev opportunity *and talk about game industry stuff of course*

Reach out to Patryk Suchy directly

About the Academy

Digital Dragons Academy is an educational initiative organized by Digital Dragons / Krakowski Park Technologiczny. Digital Dragons Academy is a set of industry lectures conducted by experienced specialists from every branch of the gaming industry.

8Bit is a partner and a sponsor of Digital Dragon Academy.

Our recruiters actively participate in CV Resumes, where everyone who struggles with application questions can book a slot with our recruitment experts and ask questions.