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How to get promoted in the gaming industry?

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But remember that it’s also a wise saying: “The foolproof way of getting a promotion is to change the Employer. So maybe you would like to take a look at our current job openings?

What are the Benefits of getting promoted in the gaming industry?

“It’s a bigger paycheck, duh!” and that’s, of course, true. But you need to take into consideration other benefits.

So for the sake of educational purposes of his article, we’ll skip the apparent first part and get to help you navigate your gamedev career path.

Each promotion means going a step higher on the career ladder.

You, as a specialist, will get new responsibilities and a dose of bigger trust. This professional upgrade often means new challenges, which will be the best lessons. Sometimes your new role will require learning some new skills.

For example – Environment Artists may want to learn more about Level Design to give more context to their day-to-day work.

The promotion also means a pleasant burst of serotonin while thinking that we were recognized and appreciated by someone.

Two steps to getting promoted in the video game industry

You may think that you just go to your boss and ask him directly. That’s partially true, but you need to understand that some people get what they desire while others are passed by. In this paragraph, we will ensure you won’t fall into the latter category.

Is it more about your exceptional performance as a gamedev specialist? Or maybe there’s something else?

1. Build relationships

I know how it sounds, but you must understand that you work with others. As a team, you need to rely on other people to do your job. This is the way it is.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to be the most popular employee, but you must build a particular perception of yourself as a team member. Then, building trust and productive relationships with your co-workers will be recognized by your managers.

This might require you to build an additional set of skills. Read here about the importance of having a set of soft skills.

2. Provide value to the company

Now let’s make something clear. Going for a pay raise with an argument like, “But I’m doing my job, look!” it’s not gonna get you what you want.

Doing your job is what you were hired for in the first place. You negotiated a suitable compensation for your current role as well. (At least I hope so)

To get a sweet promotion, you need to go the extra mile. (But please remember about your own mental health. Work-life balance is essential to your well-being)

Did you learn something on your own that the company could benefit from? Now, this is a valid reason to give you the promotion.

Read our previous articles about building Personal Branding. You’ll feel that this process is connected to creating a certain perception of yourself.

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How should you know what to do to get promoted?

Now here comes the tricky part. And that might require a bit of research.

It all depends on how big the company you’re working for is. If it’s a huge corporate-like company, then I bet they have a procedure for everything. Promotions included.

It’s wise to ask about that during the interview process. Then, when Hiring Managers ask you if you have any additional questions, you know that this is the card you can play (this will also show your interest and growth mindset, which is very desired in the employees).

But if the company is smaller or does not have well-defined procedures, you need to figure things out on your own.

Check out what types of behaviors is rewarded in your workplace. For example, chat with team members who were promoted recently. Is there anything that their work ethic has in common? Do they have leadership skills? Is there something about their work performance? Observe and learn.

Talk with your Manager or/and HR

I bet that majority of you guys didn’t even think about the possibility of talking to your supervisor, right? But they’re there exactly for that.

Your Manager is here to help you. This person should be able to guide you toward the meanders of the company and office politics.

Remember that in best interest is also to provide value to the company. So empowering you to do just that by giving you career advice should work for them as well. For them, it’s good business.

Avoid these arguments while negotiating your promotion.

Sometimes you might hear from your friends that some of the arguments we listed worked. If you want to use them, you should make this decision consciously.

  • Based on research I’ve seen, I should be earning xx% more.

Whether that might be true, you shouldn’t start the conversation out of this tone

  • If you won’t give me a raise, I quit.

Now, if your Employer is desperate because we all know what the current job market looks like, it’s not the best way to carry yourself.

Blackmail is not the best-negotiating strategy, especially if you’re picturing yourself for a long time within the structures of the gaming studio. Furthermore, it may backfire in the future, and you might gain a rep of a person that people won’t want to deal with. So you have to be careful with that.

So here it is. We hope our article will arm you with the necessary knowledge. And that your quests of getting dreamed job promotion will be successful.

Remember that if you need any aid with your career goals, we’re here to help you. Don’t be a stranger and reach us on our social media