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Your ticket to getting the best gamedev job – Guide to Linkedin Keywords

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To get the best job offers in Games Industry, you need to understand how Recruiters work.

Recruiters use very detailed filtering to reach Candidates (like you) with relevant job offers (or at least they should aspire to do that).

But the trick is that you need to help the algorithm work correctly to get only relevant offers. That’s why we’re gonna show you how to set up your profile correctly.

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What Are Linkedin Keywords?

Keywords are the phrases used by people to identify someone like you.

There’s no way your profile could appear in searches for a phrase that does not appear on your profile.

If you would like to appeal to the specific job positions, use keywords related to that particular role.

What does it mean?

You need to check/guess what kind of phrases a Recruiter would use to find you.

Pick several keywords – phrases that would explain your area of expertise or what role you would like to grow in.

Note: This works both ways – Recruiters also need to think about how a Linkedin user like you would describe themselves.

How to pick the best Keywords?

  • Keywords should be specific and concrete. Avoid too broad phrases like “Artist” or just “Programmer.”
  • Keywords should reflect your specialty and abilities.
  • Keywords should point out how experienced you are.
  • Use keywords relevant to the job positions you’re interested in.

How many Keywords should you use?

To rank correctly for the chosen keywords, you need to pick 2-3 of the most relevant ones and put them in your Linkedin profile.

But the sweet spot would be to have 5. So try not to overdo it and do not cross the magical number of 10 on your list of keywords.

Putting all possible keywords out there won’t do you any good. And in the end, you’ll end up ranking for nothing.

What could make the perfect keywords?

  • Job positions you’ve held
  • Current job title
  • Types of games you’ve been working on (PC, mobile, VR, etc.)
  • Game Engine you’ve used (Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, Godot, etc.)
  • Programming Languages you know (C++, Python, etc.)
  • Type of Art you’re working on (3D, 2D, VFX)
  • Topics that you’re specializing in
  • Your seniority level (Principal, Senior, Regular, Junior)

💡 Golden TIP:

If you want to apply to work in a specific role, use the job descriptions game companies post on their career pages.

Check which keywords (in the Requirements or Responsibilities sections) they mention.

Use them (BUT DON’T LIE) in your Linkedin profile. Sometimes, things you’ve been working on can be phrased to match the Job Description you want to apply for.

❓ Question: I am new to game development. What kind of keywords should I use in that case?

💡 Answer:

First of all, you need to answer the question: What path would you like to pursue professionally? Then, research the names of job positions Employers use to look for Candidates.

Try to include these new keywords in your Linkedin Profile.

🧠 Pick Recruiter’s Brain!

❓How does the Recruiter decide if you’re a Candidate that could be an excellent fit for the role?

  • Recruiter searches for specific keywords (search terms and phrases matching the Job Description)
  • Your profile appears in the Search Results (hopefully)
  • The Recruiter scans your profile and looks for the appropriate Keywords that match the role they’re recruiting for.
  • If your profile is not filled with the right Keywords, the Recruiter moves to another Linkedin profile.
  • If your profile matches the job description Recruiter uses the InMail message (if they don’t have you in their connections). Every Recruiter has a limited amount of messages they can send monthly.

❗ Avoid these in your set of Keywords:

Avoid all adjectives that could describe anyone and are not very concrete.

Examples: Professional, Problem-solver, Dynamic

❓ Where should you use keywords?

  • Linkedin Headline
  • About Section
  • Job titles and job descriptions
  • Skills and Endorsement

❗ Keywords – bad Practice

  • Don’t use keywords you don’t want to be targeted for. If you put “NOT Java” in your Linkedin profile – guess what! You’re gonna appear in the results for the “Java” keyword. Obviously, Recruiters will see that you’re not interested in Java positions if you’re gonna use only relevant keywords. 😉

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So now you probably realize that keyword-game can be a factor that helps you be discovered by the right people if used properly. It can also make your life as a gaming industry job hunter a bit harder than you would like. We hope that this article will help you in your job search and you’ll land the perfect gig.

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