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Gamedev Salary Pulse 2024

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We’re proud to release the Gamedev Salary Pulse 2024 Report!

Navigating the games industry requires up-to-date knowledge about salary trends, whether you’re looking to enter the industry, aiming for a fair salary negotiation, or intending to attract and retain talent. This report, built on multiple data sources, is designed to provide that insight.

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Inside the Report:

Gamedev Salary Pulse 2024 by 8Bit Games Industry Recruitment Agency: Table of Contents

Salaries by Areas

Detailed salary information for key areas within game development (Art & Animation, Audio, Business Development, Data Analytics, Engineering, Game & Level Design, HR & Operations, Marketing & PR, Product, Production, QA, Tech Art & VFX, Writing & Narrative Design).

Please note that insights on wages are specific to Europe and North America, while information on benefits, work modes, and more shall be applicable globally.

Perks and Benefits

Analysis of common benefits provided by game studios, offering a glimpse into what professionals value beyond the paycheck.

Remote, Hybrid, On-Site

Insight into current working arrangement preferences and trends within the games industry.

Feeling Secure? A Pulse Check

An exploration of the industry’s atmosphere, concerning job security amid layoffs.

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Supporting Pet Rescue Organizations:

A big thank you to all who shared insights for this report, especially those who participated in our survey. As promised, for every response received, we’ve donated 1 USD to support causes close to our hearts. Thanks to your participation, we’re thrilled to announce a donation of 673 USD, which has been distributed equally among three incredible pet rescue organizations:


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Gamedev Salary Pulse 2024: From Gamedevs, For Gamedevs

Gamedev Salary Pulse 2024 report is freely accessible, without any barriers like email requirements or payments, because we believe in making this information available to all who might benefit. We invite you to share our findings across social media, at industry events, or on any platform where spreading awareness about pay transparency and significant trends in game development could make an impact. When sharing, kindly credit 8Bit – Games Industry Recruitment (8bitplay.com) as your source.

While we’re all for spreading knowledge for educational and advocacy efforts, we do ask that any modifications, copies, or other uses of this content get our written okay first. We appreciate your understanding.