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Game Technical Director in Europe’s Gamedev Industry: A Talent Pool Report

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Attention game studios! Ever wondered what the talent pool for savvy Video Game TDs looks like across Europe? We’ve got some interesting insights for you. Whether you’re on the hunt for a Game Technical Director or simply curious about the state of the industry, this report will come in handy.

What is a Game Technical Director main responsibility?

A Game Technical Director plays a pivotal role in game development, with a wide range of responsibilities, including:

Assessing the Technical Feasibility: In the early stages, they participate in strategic discussions, evaluating the technical feasibility of game concepts, and translating these into actionable technical requirements and tools.

Overseeing Programming: During the production stage, they supervise the programming process, ensuring the game development aligns with the budget and maintains high code quality.

Troubleshooting Technical Issues: They provide guidance on technical problems that arise during development, helping to devise and implement effective solutions.

Fostering Team Capabilities: They train teams, ensuring they possess the necessary technical skills, and coordinating with creative and business teams for holistic game development.

Leading Technical Advising: They serve as the primary advisor on all technical matters, collaborating with multiple teams to address and resolve any technical issues that may arise.

Establishing Technical Standards: They define and uphold quality standards for the technical aspects of projects, driving the adoption of suitable technologies and best practices amongst development teams.

Evaluating Emerging Technologies: They continuously assess emerging technologies and approaches in game development, recommending investments in cutting-edge technology to stay competitive and innovative in the industry.

Game Technical Director Role in Numbers

As of 6th July 2023, there are a total of 516 Technical and Senior Technical Directors who are C++ proficient based in Europe, according to LinkedIn Talent Insights and our own Business Insights at 8Bit. It’s a pool teeming with potential. From veteran Game Technical Directors to upcoming talents, Europe’s got plenty of game devs capable of leading your technical production pipeline.

However, the gender diversity could do with some balancing. The pool is 95% male and 5% female. An imbalance that highlights the work still to be done by organizations such as Women in Games, where some of our 8Bit team members proudly serve as ambassadors.

Are Game Technical Directors willing to change their jobs?

In the past year (mid-2022 – 2023), 59 Game Technical Directors based in Europe have changed their jobs. If you’re wondering when to approach TDs for new opportunities, keep an eye on the 3.3-year mark. That’s the median tenure indicating when a job switch is most likely to happen. Currently, there are 10 talented Technical Directors with vast gamedev experience openly seeking new opportunities. Plus, there were 27 new TD job openings posted on LinkedIn in the past 12 months. Job mobility seems pretty active among this demographic.

Where are they located?

Location-wise, Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, takes the lead with 44 experienced Game Technical Directors. Trailing closely behind are London and Paris with 42 and 30 respectively. Barcelona and Berlin make up the rest of the top 5, housing 22 and 18 Technical Directors each.

Who’s Hiring Game Technical Directors?

If you’re curious about who’s employing these talents the most, the list includes big names such as King, DICE, Sumo Digital, Creative Assembly, and The Multiplayer Group. All of them offer interesting and challenging work environments, pushing the boundaries of game development.

Education and skills:

The Game Technical Directors are mostly highly educated and predominantly speak C++ as natives. Around 49% hold Masters Degrees, followed by 42% with Bachelors. A few (5%) even hold PhDs. Linköping University, University of Leeds, Abertay University, The University of Manchester, and The University of Edinburgh are the top institutions producing this talent. If your studio is looking to collaborate with universities, these might be worth considering.

How to hire a Game Technical Director efficiently?

In the ever-changing landscape of the gaming industry, keeping a close eye on talent trends can give your studio the upper hand. Whether it’s figuring out the right time to approach a potential hire or knowing where to find them, data is your ally.

At 8Bit, we understand that recruiting for roles like a Game Technical Director in Europe requires precision, high-end candidate review skills, and time – lots of it. From Q2 2023’s stats, we saw that two of the top 10 job openings with the most applications were for Senior Technical Director roles.

Our pool of candidates and experience in the field can help you streamline the recruitment process. After all, finding the perfect fit for your team should be exciting, not exhausting. So, if you’re on the lookout for a Game Technical Director or simply want to chat about recruitment trends, feel free to reach out. We’re always here for a chat over some good ol’ video games!