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ChatGPT in Job Search: Prompts & Best Practices

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As the recruitment team, we’ve observed a rising trend in the use of AI tools like ChatGPT in the job search process. While these tools can be incredibly helpful, there’s often skepticism and a few common pitfalls that job seekers encounter. As revolutionary as GPT can be in the job search arena, it’s important to approach it with a blend of enthusiasm and caution, especially in the unique and creative world of game development. Let’s explore how to effectively use ChatGPT in job search – the prompts we share will refer to the games industry mostly, but they are transferable to any industry.

Why the Skepticism?

Many job seekers are wary of using ChatGPT because they fear it may produce generic, impersonal content that fails to capture their unique skills and personality. This concern is valid. As recruiters, we can often identify the phrases and stylistics of poorly-utilized GPT prompts in application documents. Such applications tend to be approached with caution, affirming the validity of these concerns, especially in an industry that constantly evolves with the latest trends.

Common Missteps with ChatGPT in Job Search


Relying entirely on ChatGPT for job search materials like resumes or cover letters can lead to a lack of personalization.

Generic Outputs

Failing to tailor ChatGPT-generated content to specific job roles or company cultures, resulting in bland and undistinguished submissions.

Privacy Concerns

Not being mindful of the personal information shared with AI tools.

Mismatched Language Proficiency

Using ChatGPT to create documents with a level of language proficiency that doesn’t match your own. If the language in your application is significantly more advanced than what you demonstrate in an interview, it can and it will raise red flags for recruiters.

Maximizing the Use of ChatGPT in Job Search

Resume Tailoring with Keywords

We understand that tailoring a CV to a specific job description isn’t always about creativity but often an essential, repetitive task. There’s nothing wrong with using GPT for this, as it helps ensure your resume aligns with what recruiters are looking for without losing the essence of your professional experience.


“Here’s my resume. Can you rephrase my experience and skills to align with the following job description: [Paste Job Description]? Remember to keep the factual content the same, just adjust the wording for a better match.”

Interactive Mock Interview Simulation

This simulation helps you practice and refine your interview responses, ensuring they are structured and impactful, aligning with the STAR model’s guidelines.


“Act as a recruiter interviewing me for a game producer role. Here is the job description provided. Ask appropriate industry and behavioral questions and assess if my answers fit the STAR model.”

Grammar Check

Polishing your documents is key to making a positive virtual first impression. Ensuring your resume is grammatically flawless shows attention to detail and professionalism.


“Review and adjust my resume to make it grammatically and orthographically correct, without altering the document’s meaning or my language proficiency.”

Salary Research for Game Development Roles

ChatGPT can consider various factors to provide a more tailored salary range for your role and experience in the gaming industry, aiding in salary negotiations and expectations.


“Considering my 8 years of experience in game development and applying for a senior developer role in California, what is a reasonable salary range? Please consider factors like company size, remote or onsite work, and current market trends. Provide the answer in table”.

Understanding Different Versions of ChatGPT for Job Searches


Free to use. While useful for basic tasks, it may not offer the latest features or industry-specific insights.


Paid version. Provides more advanced and up-to-date responses, making it a better choice for detailed advice and nuanced understanding of the gaming industry.

Final Thoughts on Using ChatGPT in Job Search

ChatGPT can be a powerful ally in your job search toolkit, particularly when used thoughtfully in the context of the games industry. It’s essential to combine AI-generated content with your personal experiences and insights, ensuring that your job application truly reflects your individuality and professional ethos. Remember, ChatGPT in job search scenarios should enhance your efforts, not replace the unique personal elements that define you as a candidate.