Lead Network Programmer


Senior Network Programmer

United Kingdom Remote


Work on some of the biggest multiplayer games out there!
As a Lead, you would still code. It’s usually 50-50 or 40-60 between coding and management as the CTO is a big believer that the management needs to be close to the technology.
They have over 20+ AAA projects available, on different production stages and across various genres and team sizes – you can take your pick and join the one that is the most relevant to you.

  • Design and implement functionality for AAA games
  • Lead a team of Principal, Senior and non-Senior Engineers, with responsibility for performance management and development
  • Solve problems and implement new solutions for the network systems
  • Collaborate with other team members and share knowledge
  • Optimize implementations and minimize technical issues


  • At least 7 years of C++ programming experience
  • Experience working with Unreal Engine 4 or proprietary engines
  • Experience in the games industry developing for PC/console
  • Experience leading a programmers team (even unofficially)
  • Shipped title, ideally AAA
  • Fluent English


  • 100% remote work
  • Contract of employment
  • 25 days of vacation + bank and public holidays off
  • Whole company is closed for Xmass and New Year period
  • Benefits: Medical insurance (including Dental, vision, emergency room, CT, MRI, pregnancy care, etc – can vary on details depending on the country), travel insurance, pension scheme
  • Entertainment budget that is used for integrations with your local teammates
  • Freedom and autonomy to set up your day how you see fit – no micromanagement at all
  • A flexible approach to working, that makes room for real life. Need to have the kids on your lap while you video call or work around your workout? All good.
  • Involved in fight against climate change through Earthly
  • Necessary hardware provided

Remote-first games company providing full-dev and co-dev services to AAA studios with focus on multiplayer games. Currently have over 20 projects in the making and have contributed to titles like The Call of Duty: MW2, Elder Scrolls Online, Fall Guys or Dying Light 2. They tailor the scope to your background and preferences, not the other way round. If working in an informal, open and transparent environment is something that resonates with you, this might be the the place to stick around.

Size of the studio: around 300
Work mode: 100% remote
Office locations: Nottingham, UK
Platform: PC, console
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5, Unity, proprietary engines

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