1. Confirmed info

game developer meme: Begining, end and post-mortem

2. Every Video Game Credits Ever

Game art meme: visability in game credits: art director vs art team

3. I feel a pain in my chest just by looking at this meme

Unity Engine meme: new version is out, would my game run?

4. POV: Typical Tech Artist's day

Game technical artist meme: trying to explain what they actually do...

5. I feel very attacked rn

Game programmer meme: humor based on real pain. Ha. Ha.

6. Things are getting pretty serious

Game recruitment meme: What gives you feeling of power? invite on LinkedIn...

7. Tell me you're a game developer without telling me that you're a game developer

Game developer meme: Geme devs looking at out of scope features

8. He is not wrong, tho  

3D game artist job meme: normal?

9. How do you do, fellow producers?

Game producer job meme: do you do coding or art?

10. That *one* guy

Game development meme: one line, one push

11.  Let's straighten things up once and for all

Technical game designer meme

12. Everybody loves working with QA ;)

QA Game tester meme: correct this bug, developer. NOW.

13. Just gamedev recruiter's things

Game recruiter meme: sliding into programmer's DM

14. CSI: Gamedev

Game programmer meme: Why?

15. There's no meme showcase without a kitten. You're welcome

Game programmer meme: Programmer vs VFX artists - protect the framerate!

16. I don't understand the difference between UI and UX

Game UI/UX meme: practical difference.

17. Python, I choose you!

Game programmer LinkedIn profile meme: which of these are pokemon?

18. I forgot about Godot...

Game Engine meme: Roblox Studio blows mind

19. Somehow I'm sure that you can be both at the same time

Game programmer skills meme: from god to "What am I doing?"

20. Right in the feels

Game Marketing Menager Meme: Are You a game developer? No. Yes?

21. Respect Thomas the Tank Engine

Game Engine Meme: Unity vs Unreal Engine as Thomas the Tank

22. Me: And how about "UNREALITY"?

Game Industry Meme: Unreal x Unity - Un = Reality

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